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Summary and Suggestion

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Purposes of practicum
The purpose of this practicum is to develop our teaching skills and pedagogy and as well as to gain broader regional and world view of teaching students.
Procedures of practicum
All SEA teachers are given one month of practicum. The first week is the “observation week” where the SEA teacher will observe some classes to see the classroom settings and the strategy that the teachers used in teaching.
The second week is the “assisting week” wherein the SEA teacher is assigned to assist or help the teacher in teaching and also by this, the SEA teacher will know the strengths and weaknesses of the students that he/she will teach on the third week.
On the third week, this will be the “teaching week” of the SEA teacher. He/she has to make a lesson plans and instructional materials that he/she will use in teaching. 
Outcomes practicum
This program not just develop my teaching skills but also my personality and social interaction.
Futhermore, I’ve got a positive feedbacks from the students. According to the pupils, they really enjoy my discussions and learn a lot aside from pronouncing the words correctly. It is a good thing that I used the right technique in teaching. 
The challenge of practicum
I actually don’t have lots of problem or challenges in countered during the practicum aside from the language barrier. 

Overall Impression
This practicum really gives me a different experience. A experience that I’ll never have if I didn’t join this program. I enjoy every moments here. The chance to teach students with different nationality and language is unforgettable and rewarding. This proves that the limits of the language doesn’t limits the learning. There practice of “play theory” is also a good thing here because it really helps the students develop its full potential as a person with a happy disposition and positive outlook in life. They don’t actually prepare the students for something but they help them to prepare theirselves for anything that life could offer.

Suggestions for future improvement
For SEAMEO, I think it's better if the practicum period is not only one month. I think we need more than one month to practice our teaching experience and to know more about the country we live in on this program.

Teaching Practice 3-4 in M.3/12

By : Unknown
My 3rd and 4th teaching practice were on 23rd and 24th August 2018 in M.3/12.

Procedures of teaching

Time management and organizing activities
Teaching Activities
Meeting 1
A.    Opening Activities (5-10 minutes)
This lesson is topical for November as New Zealand is holding a referendum on choosing a new design for its flag. Students will discuss symbolism and meaning of flags, choose the design they like best and give reasons and design a new flag for their country.
Find 3 images of flags and explain their symbolism to the students, e.g. Bangladesh: the green symbolizes the country’s youth and it’s green landscape, and the red circle symbolizes the rising sun and sacrifices its citizens have made Nigeria: the green stripes symbolize its agriculture and the white stripe its desire for peace, Antigua: the sun symbolizes a new era, the after independence, the red represents the energy of the people and the blue means hope.
B.     Main Activities (40 minutes)
1.      Put students in groups of 5 and give out the worksheet. Ask them to read about the NZ flag and to discuss the first question. Collect suggestions from the class
2.      Answers: the Union Jack is outdated since NZ is independent and no longer a colony, the flag looks too much like the Australian flag and people confuse them.
3.      Then get them to read about the symbolism underlying the new flag designs. Tell them that New Zealanders are having a referendum this month on changing the flag.
4.      Which one would they choose – get them to discuss in their groups.
5.      Finally ask them to design a new flag for their country (give our paper and coloured pens, or just ask them to describe it) Ask each group to present their flag design to the class, explaining the symbolism
C.     Post Activities in Meeting 2 (50 minutes)
1.      Students’ present their work and discussion in front of the class
2.      Conducting questions and answers session

Students' worksheet

Students' work

Students' performance

Teaching Practice 2 in M.1/14

By : Unknown

Meeting 2
Thursday 23rd August 2018 was the 2nd time I do the real teaching in M.1/14. This was also the day when I got evaluated by the supervisor from English Department, CMRU Mr. Kritsana Su-ya-ai.

Procedures of Teaching

Teaching Plan for 2nd Meeting

Time Management and Organizing Activities
A.    Opening Activity (5 minutes)
1.      The teacher opens the class by preparing the students for the presentation.
2.      The teacher gives instruction about the presentation to the student.
B.     Main Activity (35 minutes)
1.      Students present their poster to their friends (each group 2 members)
2.      The rest members of the group move around to collect the information from one group to another group, 5 minutes to collect information in each group. Question and answer session is allowed in this stage (students will get score if they do)
3.      The teacher assists the students’ presentation and give the score about their performance.
4.      After finishing presenting and collecting information from the poster, students discuss the result of their data.
C.    Post Activity (10 minutes)
1.      The teacher gives a review about the material.

2.      The teacher gives information about “why it is important to understand the culture of different countries”.

Students' Worksheet

Students' Performance

Problem Solving and Classroom Management
On the beginning of the class I told the students to collect their phones, so they will pay attention to their friends presentation.

Teaching Practice 1 in M.1/14

By : Unknown
M.1/14 Students
Meeting 1
Thursday, 16th August 2018 was the first day I do the real teaching. I teach in M.1/14, this class consists of 19 students, 7 boys and 12 girls. This day also the day that T.Richard evaluate my performance while teaching.

The preparation for my teaching starts from the second week. I got English Enrichment subject to teach. My cooperating teacher asks me to teach about Indonesian Culture to them. Then I arrange the lesson plan about this lesson. This is the lesson plan for the first meeting.

Time Managements and Activities
A.    Opening Activity (10 minutes)
1.      The teacher introduces about the province of Indonesia and some cities in Indonesia

2.      The teacher gives the students a worksheet about finding similarities and differences between Chiang Mai and some cities in Indonesia (Solo, Jakarta, Denpasar, and Bandung)
B.     Main Activity (30 minutes)
1.      Students work in the group of 4 up to 5, the group is based on the city on their worksheet.
2.      The teacher gives information in form of text that introduce each city.
3.      Students discuss with their friends about similarities and differences between Chiang Mai and some cities in Indonesia (Solo, Jakarta, Denpasar, and Bandung) in some aspects (General Information, Traditional Clothes, Foods, Traditional Ceremonies, Traditional Dances, Tourism Places, Living Costs, and Do and Don’ts)
4.      Students write the result of their discussion on the worksheet
C.    Post Activity (10 Minutes)
1.      Previewing the material.
2.      The teacher explains about students’ next project.
D.    Next Meeting Project: Students’ Poster Presentation.
1.      Students create and design their own poster as creative as possible about Chiang Mai and one city in Indonesia (based on the previous group) completed with picture and anything that make the information understandable.
2.      Students do the presentation like Gallery Art Exhibition (In each group 2 students act as that explain their poster, and the rest will move around to collect information about different cities).

Worksheet and Materials
This is the materials and worksheet for this project

Students' Work

Problem-Solving and Classroom Management
I move around the class to make sure the students do the project and to help them if they find some difficulties.

Teaching Plan and Curriculum

By : Unknown
The curriculum used in this school is the curriculum BE. 2554. This is the curriculum design that used by the school.

And every course has its course design that consist of the material that will be delivered, teaching hours, and credit for the course.

This is the course design for English Enrichment for Mattayom 1 on the 1st Semester.

The aim of this course is to improve all aspects of students' language, but primary emphasis is placed on their speaking and listening skills. Wherever possible activities are game based, with a strong focus on the arts including music, drawing, poetry, and etc.

About the teaching plan there is no rule how teaching plan should be written. The teacher only create simple teaching plan that consist of the project he will gave and the scoring criteria.

Classrom and Teacher Observation

By : Unknown
Classroom situation

The teaching practicum of SEA Teacher Batch 6th was divided into 4 steps. In the first week we will observe the classroom teaching and learning process. On the second week we will be assistant of the cooperating teacher, we help them to manage the classroom. Then on the third week we will do our teaching practice and assessed by both cooperating teacher and supervisor from the university. And then on the final week we will have reflection of our teaching practice.

Here I will tell my experience during my fisrt week doing the observation.

Tuesday, 7th August 2018 was the first day I went to the school. It is about 2 km from my dorm. Firstly let's introduce my cooperating teacher, his name is Richard Anthony Bennett, I call him Teacher Richard, although he told me that it's okay to call him only by his name, but I still call him Teacher Richard, because in my country it's considered as impolite if we just call someone older than us only by their name.
T. Richard
T.Richard has 19 hours of teaching per week. On the first week he asked me to follow him to observe the class.
T.Richard's teaching schedule

It was very interesting activity. I got a lot of new knowledge from the observation. Start from the planning for teaching, it was so different with Indonesian lesson plan style. Unlike Indonesian teachers who made "rigid" lesson plan, T.Richard create a simple lesson plan for his teaching. He just write down the steps that will be conducted and the criteria for scoring students's project.

Lesson Plan created by T.Richard

For preparing the lessons and materials T.Richard use the literature from the resource center in Yupparaj, and also use some media from the internet. The most interesting thing of his lessons and materials is he always create kind of "fun" project for the students. He said that "you have to create the project for student as creative as possible, so they (the students) will follow your teaching style". 

Explaining the material to the students
Helping the students

Teaching Materials

When teaching the students T.Richard use student-centered learning activity. So, he will talk only for abut 10 up to 15 minutes on the beginning of the class to explain the instructions. Then for the rest 40 minutes he will let the students to do their project, and he will move around to make sure the students do their project and also to help them if they found difficulties on doing the project. 

The students show their activeness on doing the project given. Especially when they got project related with drawing.

Make a profile of Count Dracula

Create a comic of Count Dracula

To evaluate the students T.Richard use different ways, depend on the project that he gave. For Critical Reading Class he gave several questions to check students' understanding on every meeting, the score is based on the correct answers. He also gave comic project to the students, he asked the students make a comic based on a chapter of the story he gave, this way is to check that students really understand the text well.

For Everyday Use and English Enrichment classes, actually the methods he use are the same. But sometimes he asked the students to present and speak up their project. The scoring rubric can be seen from the lesson plan above.

On the second week, I became assistant teacher for T.Richard. I help him to manage the classrom and to help the students if they got some difficulties on doing their project.

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