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Posted by : Unknown Friday, August 3, 2018

Building No.27th, Faculty of Education CMRU

This is my second day in Chiang Mai, and the first day to explore Chiang Mai.
The first thing that I did was find the transportation mode to move around the city. And I got "Mobike" (if you want to know about Mobike follow this link Mobike). You can rent this bike by installing the apps in your smartphone and then sign in by your phone number and credit card number, then you can choose your rent package. Fyi, I chose the package 250 THB for 3 months.

Then the next thing to do because I'm a moslem is to find "Halal Food". Actually it's not difficult to find halal food near the CMRU there are several Halal Food near the CMRU. The very first food that I tried was Chicken Biryani, the taste is so "yummy". You can buy this food, I highly recommend you to try this food, it costs only 40 THB.

And this is the nearest mosque to CMRU, called Masjid Nurul Chang Phuek - Kunnun Mosque. You can also find halal food near this mosque.

In the afternoon some CMRU students visited us on International House, they taught me and my friends basic word and sentence that will be useful for us while living in Chiang Mai.
They taught us about how to greet people, how to pronounce number in Thailand, and how to order food and ask something about it.
Then they accompanied us to walk around the university, to know more about the building and facilities here, and of course to find halal food near the university.
These are when I met them and learn Thai from them.

This was the second food that I eat here and  I also got the price list.

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