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Posted by : Unknown Thursday, September 6, 2018

Classroom situation

The teaching practicum of SEA Teacher Batch 6th was divided into 4 steps. In the first week we will observe the classroom teaching and learning process. On the second week we will be assistant of the cooperating teacher, we help them to manage the classroom. Then on the third week we will do our teaching practice and assessed by both cooperating teacher and supervisor from the university. And then on the final week we will have reflection of our teaching practice.

Here I will tell my experience during my fisrt week doing the observation.

Tuesday, 7th August 2018 was the first day I went to the school. It is about 2 km from my dorm. Firstly let's introduce my cooperating teacher, his name is Richard Anthony Bennett, I call him Teacher Richard, although he told me that it's okay to call him only by his name, but I still call him Teacher Richard, because in my country it's considered as impolite if we just call someone older than us only by their name.
T. Richard
T.Richard has 19 hours of teaching per week. On the first week he asked me to follow him to observe the class.
T.Richard's teaching schedule

It was very interesting activity. I got a lot of new knowledge from the observation. Start from the planning for teaching, it was so different with Indonesian lesson plan style. Unlike Indonesian teachers who made "rigid" lesson plan, T.Richard create a simple lesson plan for his teaching. He just write down the steps that will be conducted and the criteria for scoring students's project.

Lesson Plan created by T.Richard

For preparing the lessons and materials T.Richard use the literature from the resource center in Yupparaj, and also use some media from the internet. The most interesting thing of his lessons and materials is he always create kind of "fun" project for the students. He said that "you have to create the project for student as creative as possible, so they (the students) will follow your teaching style". 

Explaining the material to the students
Helping the students

Teaching Materials

When teaching the students T.Richard use student-centered learning activity. So, he will talk only for abut 10 up to 15 minutes on the beginning of the class to explain the instructions. Then for the rest 40 minutes he will let the students to do their project, and he will move around to make sure the students do their project and also to help them if they found difficulties on doing the project. 

The students show their activeness on doing the project given. Especially when they got project related with drawing.

Make a profile of Count Dracula

Create a comic of Count Dracula

To evaluate the students T.Richard use different ways, depend on the project that he gave. For Critical Reading Class he gave several questions to check students' understanding on every meeting, the score is based on the correct answers. He also gave comic project to the students, he asked the students make a comic based on a chapter of the story he gave, this way is to check that students really understand the text well.

For Everyday Use and English Enrichment classes, actually the methods he use are the same. But sometimes he asked the students to present and speak up their project. The scoring rubric can be seen from the lesson plan above.

On the second week, I became assistant teacher for T.Richard. I help him to manage the classrom and to help the students if they got some difficulties on doing their project.

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