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Posted by : Unknown Sunday, September 9, 2018

M.1/14 Students
Meeting 1
Thursday, 16th August 2018 was the first day I do the real teaching. I teach in M.1/14, this class consists of 19 students, 7 boys and 12 girls. This day also the day that T.Richard evaluate my performance while teaching.

The preparation for my teaching starts from the second week. I got English Enrichment subject to teach. My cooperating teacher asks me to teach about Indonesian Culture to them. Then I arrange the lesson plan about this lesson. This is the lesson plan for the first meeting.

Time Managements and Activities
A.    Opening Activity (10 minutes)
1.      The teacher introduces about the province of Indonesia and some cities in Indonesia

2.      The teacher gives the students a worksheet about finding similarities and differences between Chiang Mai and some cities in Indonesia (Solo, Jakarta, Denpasar, and Bandung)
B.     Main Activity (30 minutes)
1.      Students work in the group of 4 up to 5, the group is based on the city on their worksheet.
2.      The teacher gives information in form of text that introduce each city.
3.      Students discuss with their friends about similarities and differences between Chiang Mai and some cities in Indonesia (Solo, Jakarta, Denpasar, and Bandung) in some aspects (General Information, Traditional Clothes, Foods, Traditional Ceremonies, Traditional Dances, Tourism Places, Living Costs, and Do and Don’ts)
4.      Students write the result of their discussion on the worksheet
C.    Post Activity (10 Minutes)
1.      Previewing the material.
2.      The teacher explains about students’ next project.
D.    Next Meeting Project: Students’ Poster Presentation.
1.      Students create and design their own poster as creative as possible about Chiang Mai and one city in Indonesia (based on the previous group) completed with picture and anything that make the information understandable.
2.      Students do the presentation like Gallery Art Exhibition (In each group 2 students act as that explain their poster, and the rest will move around to collect information about different cities).

Worksheet and Materials
This is the materials and worksheet for this project

Students' Work

Problem-Solving and Classroom Management
I move around the class to make sure the students do the project and to help them if they find some difficulties.

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