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Posted by : Unknown Thursday, September 27, 2018

Purposes of practicum
The purpose of this practicum is to develop our teaching skills and pedagogy and as well as to gain broader regional and world view of teaching students.
Procedures of practicum
All SEA teachers are given one month of practicum. The first week is the “observation week” where the SEA teacher will observe some classes to see the classroom settings and the strategy that the teachers used in teaching.
The second week is the “assisting week” wherein the SEA teacher is assigned to assist or help the teacher in teaching and also by this, the SEA teacher will know the strengths and weaknesses of the students that he/she will teach on the third week.
On the third week, this will be the “teaching week” of the SEA teacher. He/she has to make a lesson plans and instructional materials that he/she will use in teaching. 
Outcomes practicum
This program not just develop my teaching skills but also my personality and social interaction.
Futhermore, I’ve got a positive feedbacks from the students. According to the pupils, they really enjoy my discussions and learn a lot aside from pronouncing the words correctly. It is a good thing that I used the right technique in teaching. 
The challenge of practicum
I actually don’t have lots of problem or challenges in countered during the practicum aside from the language barrier. 

Overall Impression
This practicum really gives me a different experience. A experience that I’ll never have if I didn’t join this program. I enjoy every moments here. The chance to teach students with different nationality and language is unforgettable and rewarding. This proves that the limits of the language doesn’t limits the learning. There practice of “play theory” is also a good thing here because it really helps the students develop its full potential as a person with a happy disposition and positive outlook in life. They don’t actually prepare the students for something but they help them to prepare theirselves for anything that life could offer.

Suggestions for future improvement
For SEAMEO, I think it's better if the practicum period is not only one month. I think we need more than one month to practice our teaching experience and to know more about the country we live in on this program.

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