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Posted by : Unknown Friday, September 14, 2018

My 3rd and 4th teaching practice were on 23rd and 24th August 2018 in M.3/12.

Procedures of teaching

Time management and organizing activities
Teaching Activities
Meeting 1
A.    Opening Activities (5-10 minutes)
This lesson is topical for November as New Zealand is holding a referendum on choosing a new design for its flag. Students will discuss symbolism and meaning of flags, choose the design they like best and give reasons and design a new flag for their country.
Find 3 images of flags and explain their symbolism to the students, e.g. Bangladesh: the green symbolizes the country’s youth and it’s green landscape, and the red circle symbolizes the rising sun and sacrifices its citizens have made Nigeria: the green stripes symbolize its agriculture and the white stripe its desire for peace, Antigua: the sun symbolizes a new era, the after independence, the red represents the energy of the people and the blue means hope.
B.     Main Activities (40 minutes)
1.      Put students in groups of 5 and give out the worksheet. Ask them to read about the NZ flag and to discuss the first question. Collect suggestions from the class
2.      Answers: the Union Jack is outdated since NZ is independent and no longer a colony, the flag looks too much like the Australian flag and people confuse them.
3.      Then get them to read about the symbolism underlying the new flag designs. Tell them that New Zealanders are having a referendum this month on changing the flag.
4.      Which one would they choose – get them to discuss in their groups.
5.      Finally ask them to design a new flag for their country (give our paper and coloured pens, or just ask them to describe it) Ask each group to present their flag design to the class, explaining the symbolism
C.     Post Activities in Meeting 2 (50 minutes)
1.      Students’ present their work and discussion in front of the class
2.      Conducting questions and answers session

Students' worksheet

Students' work

Students' performance

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