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Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Meeting 2
Thursday 23rd August 2018 was the 2nd time I do the real teaching in M.1/14. This was also the day when I got evaluated by the supervisor from English Department, CMRU Mr. Kritsana Su-ya-ai.

Procedures of Teaching

Teaching Plan for 2nd Meeting

Time Management and Organizing Activities
A.    Opening Activity (5 minutes)
1.      The teacher opens the class by preparing the students for the presentation.
2.      The teacher gives instruction about the presentation to the student.
B.     Main Activity (35 minutes)
1.      Students present their poster to their friends (each group 2 members)
2.      The rest members of the group move around to collect the information from one group to another group, 5 minutes to collect information in each group. Question and answer session is allowed in this stage (students will get score if they do)
3.      The teacher assists the students’ presentation and give the score about their performance.
4.      After finishing presenting and collecting information from the poster, students discuss the result of their data.
C.    Post Activity (10 minutes)
1.      The teacher gives a review about the material.

2.      The teacher gives information about “why it is important to understand the culture of different countries”.

Students' Worksheet

Students' Performance

Problem Solving and Classroom Management
On the beginning of the class I told the students to collect their phones, so they will pay attention to their friends presentation.

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